Careers in the Hospitality Industry aren't for everyone, but it might be the career for you.

Do you believe you are sociable, friendly, a hard worker with a positive attitude? Regardless of whether you want to work full time or part time, a career at the Dormy House may be perfect for you.

At Dormy House, whether you wish to work in a customer facing role, in the kitchen getting creative or putting that special touch on the cleaning of the rooms that our customers love, you are sure to enjoy your revolutionary career with us. Although previous experience can be an advantage, it is not necessary. Our genuine and insightful training will develop you into a whole new person.

Below you can find information about each role and what it may bring, the good and the bad.

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The bar, the reception desk and the restaurant are what make up our Front of House Team. In these customer facing roles, it is crucial to be able to be polite, friendly and well-presented in front of customers. From here, we develop our team members into confident, hard working individuals who are able to work effectively and efficiently under the pressure of a busy service.

Here at Dormy House, our teams work exceptionally hard to ensure all of our customers have the best experience possible, the Dormy House experience. After all, without the customers, establishments such as Dormy House would not be here.


A role that is often forgotten, but not at Dormy House. To be a housekeeper, you need to have a keen eye. It’s not all about cleaning, it’s also about room presentation.

Although it is not specifically a customer facing role, you may meet residents occasionally, so it is essential to be able to be friendly, polite and be well-presented. If you have these basic characteristics, we can train you and develop you into a hard working individual with a keen eye and a pride for continuing to make the hotel look spectacular.

Here at Dormy House, we value our housekeeping team greatly, they provide our guests the ‘wow’ experience they feel when they arrive at their room.

Beautiful housekeeper making the bed at a hotel looking happy and smiling


The kitchen team is made up of our Chef’s and our Kitchen Porters. Together they ensure it’s a clean place to work and efficiently produces beautifully presented and delicious food throughout service.

Our chef’s work day in and day out with a passion to produce homemade and good tasting food, using local ingredients. But it’s hard work and often involves long days. It’s not too different for our kitchen porters, they don’t just efficiently wash the plates, they assist our chef’s by helping with preparation of the food so it’s ready to be cooked and put on the plate. Again, it can be a long days work but it’s worth it all, because you know that you can take pride in where you work and the experience you helped to make for the customer.

Here at Dormy House, it’s not just about being able to cook and produce beautifully presented food, we are also known for the ‘Best Roast on the Coast’. This means you have to be ready to meet the customers, be friendly, polite and have a laugh.


Managers typically have a considerable amount of experience already gained from working in the hospitality industry. If you are a manager, or wish to become one then you have already decided hospitality is the trade for you.

It is even more important that managers can adapt and work under pressure. We believe it is important to be able to work as a team and to be able to muck in, and as a manager you lead by example. It is a role that requires you to be able to be customer facing but also working in the background, planning events and making preparations. It is important for a manger to be able to be friendly, polite, well-presented, calm and able to stay calm and make decisions while under pressure.

Here at Dormy House, our managers lead the way, ensuring the teams are always kept up to date and prepared for the day to day business as well as the events throughout the year. Therefore, our managers have to be prepared to work hard with the ability to prioritise effectively.